Warp-Knitting Machine Operator

One of our great company's in Greensboro is looking for Warp-Knitting operators to join their team on 2nd and 3rd shift!


Job Duties:

    • 1) Tends battery of warp-knitting machines to knit diverse products, such as net, fabrics for outer and undergarments, elastic fabric for foundation garments, and medical clothing: Patrols knitting area and inspects cloth for defects, such as holes, yarn breaks, and discolorations.
    • 2) Ties broken yarn ends with fingers.
    • 3) Stops machine and notifies supervisor when unable to determine cause of defects.
    • 4) Records number and type of defects.


    • 5) Hand-weaves new threads over and under lease rods, threads yarn through guides, using hook, and ties warp ends with fingers to attach new warp to corresponding threads of old warp.


    • 6) Cuts excess thread from knots, using scissors.


    • 7) May replace defective needles, using hook and wrench.


    • 8) May help position warp beams I on machine and doff rolls of knitted cloth from machine, using chain hoist and hand tools.


    • 9) May lubricate machines, using oilcan and brush.

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