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Alarik Aguilar

HUB Staffing Specialist


Alarik Aguilar joins the Staffing 360 Solutions Services team in March as the HUB Staffing Recruiter in Pennsylvania.  Alarik has been in Staffing for several years as a Recruiter in the Light Industrial sector.  Before joining Staffing 360 Solutions, he was the Senior Recruiter for another Staffing Company and was responsible for leading the branch team and organizing high impact staffing activities including full-cycle recruitment and build-up of the talent pipeline, leading to many successful quarters throughout the year, a direct result of the strong teamwork built.  One of Alarik’s preferred accomplishments that he is proud of is how his team was able to achieve filling over 100 essential positions in Q2 2020, during the height of the Covid pandemic while most businesses were closing.  Alarik’s strengths are the flexibility to handle change and the ability to turn around a negative working environment and develop a strong supportive team.

What Alarik loves the most about staffing is that he can change an applicant’s life by providing them with meaningful employment.

When not working, Alarik enjoys and loves spending time with his family!