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Vision Statement

In today’s highly competitive business environment, every company is looking for an edge over the competition. Everywhere you look it seems that someone is attempting to “own” a product or idea by placing a™,®, © on it. The real key to success is differentiation, and every company in America is striving to create a unique product, process and culture that will allow them to stand apart from the crowd. Ask any CEO, president or business owner and they’ll agree to one thing-their product, process and culture is not the same as their competition.

What is often at odds with the need for differentiation is the constant focus on profitability and resource optimization. Survival means being both different and lean and mean, and the difference between profit and loss can come down to one small hiccup in the organization or process. If just one piece of the organizational machine is missing or not performing at top speed, it will not run as efficiently and effectively as possible. The organization-and it ability to create differentiation profitably-is only as strong as its weakest link.

At Key Resources, we embrace the idea of differentiation. We acknowledge that every company is different in product, process or culture. We understand that every need is different and specific. We recognize that every employee is different in his or her skills and personality. And we know that we must do things differently in order to create success for our clients and ourselves.

For Key Resources, it begins with our product, which we call synergistic staffing solutions. Synergy is the action of two organizations coming together to achieve an effect of which each is individually incapable. It’s like a locked door that needs a key to open it. Any key won’t do-only the right key will achieve the desired effect. And while many may believe that all temporary employees are alike, we believe that just like a key, each one is unique. We approach every Key Resources employee as an individual that possesses specific talents, skills and personality traits. We then crate synergies by matching our individuals to your individual needs. Our goal in providing synergistic staffing solutions is to strengthen your organization rather than creating the weak link.

The process that we use at Key Resources to create synergistic staffing is also different. Our full-service approach to staffing, called Turn Key Resourcing is the most comprehensive available. We work with our clients before, during and after their needs to create matches that not only meet their expectations, but exceed them. We recommend employees to ensure a successful fit. We monitor their progress from day one to ensure a seamless transition into your organization. And we help reduce your company’s payroll and administrative costs with the most convenient and thorough invoicing system around. We focus on the smallest details so you can stay focused on the bigger picture.

Lastly, the way we approach staffing is different. Our people-orientation blends strategy with intuition, focus with flexibility and commitment with creativity. It is a partnership orientation based on trust and confidence that creates long-term success for our clients. It is a visionary approach that helps you gain the competitive edge you desire.