Reidsville needs 50 Packers for Production

· Select components, aligns, and assemble them in proper sequence by drilling holes, adding rivets, screws, bolts, braces, tape, cement or solder to meet specifications

· Select appropriate sub-assemblies or component parts and installs in the unit in specified sequence according to SOE

· Recognize color codes to insure that wiring and other color coded procedures meet guidelines

· Use a wide range of hand tools, drill, rivet gun, saw, Hy-pot tester, and drill press

· Inspect parts during sub-assembly and at key points to ensure that unit meets specified quality standards prior to moving unit to the next workstation

· Verify that custom equipment changes have been made according to order and Smart Part Number

· Perform other duties as assigned

· Adhere to company policies, including attendance and punctuality

· Communicate with co-workers, management and others in a courteous and professional manner;

· Conform with and abide by all regulations, policies, work procedures and instructions including but not limited to confidentiality requirements.

· Performs additional duties as assigned