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Isis Hernandez

Staffing Specialist


Isis Hernandez joined Key Resources in 2017 as the receptionist for the Greensboro office.  This is her first experience working in staffing; a career path that has proven to be challenging yet rewarding. 

During her time with the team, she has grown into a new role and focuses on Onboarding and Compliance.  In this role, Isis is responsible for making sure Key Resources complies with all laws and regulations.  

Since starting to work with Key Resources, her interactions with the variety of candidates she meets each day has enriched her life.  Relying on her background in manufacturing and her ability to speak English and Spanish, she has been able to dip into recruiting and safety as well.  Isis hopes to continue to build stronger relationships with both clients and candidates that are seeking work with Key Resources, Inc.

Isis Hernandez's Vacancies