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Key Legal Employment Facts

I-9 Compliance
You must verify the documents by no later than the third day of employment. If they cannot comply with the appropriate forms (from the allowable documents printed on the back side of the I-9) you are required by law to terminate employment. If the employee presents a receipt for a replacement document within those three days (due to lot, stolen or destroyed documents) he/she must product the actual document with 90 days of the original employment date.

Be sure to copy the entire I-9 Form for the employee. The backside contains the list of allowable documents. Do not ask the employee for specific documents, the employee is to choose the documents he/she wants to present from the list.

File the I-9 forms separately from general employee personnel files.

Remember, consistency is key.

Overtime/Pay Compensation
Overtime is the law, not an option. Employees are due overtime pay for working more than 40 hours per week in most situations. Generally even salaried employees are due overtime, however there are several exceptions to this rule, including commissioned employees, truck drivers, executive level employees. Please review a legal detailed review for exempt overtime pay.

It is not federally regulated to require employers to pay extra for night or weekend work. However, if more than 40 hours are worked within the company workweek overtime regulations do apply.

Pay raises are not covered by Wage-and House laws. Raises are controlled by the employer.

If an employee works more than 5 hours per day, the employee is entitled to a meal break of 30 minutes. The employer is not required to pay for that break if the employee is allowed to leave the place of work and relieved of all duties during the break, i.e. carrying company cell phone. If the employee is not allowed to leave during breaks the break counts as time worked, even for overtime purposes and even if employee is relieved of work duties.

Discriminatory Practices
Of course we all know it is illegal to discriminate in any aspect of employment, but did you realize this includes


Use of company facilities

Fringe Benefits

Disability Leave

Workers Compensation
Each company should receive Certificates of Liability Insurance from its staffing service to insure coverage. Injuries can be a hidden money pit for staffing services along with its clients. Make sure your service is safety conscience. Key Resources promotes safe work environments, some examples include

Safety manuals specific to each client given to every Key Resources employee

Conducts regular safety meeting with all workers at client company

First Responders and Bloodborne Pathogens on all sites

Facility Managers training of “Know How To Act/Core Training”

Efficiency in reducing accidents with a Safety Director

Accident Investigations and discussions with client

Job Inspections