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There’s No Substitute for Experience

Staffing is one of those industries that often experiences high turnover. When the service being provided has absolutely become integral to client operations, the client must then ride out the potentially painful replacement process right along with the staffing company. This can, obviously, add significant stress and slow things down. Which is the last thing you need when you are outsourcing – to make things run more smoothly.

Our core management group at Key Resources has been together a long time. We built and grew the firm together – and as in any industry, there’s no substitute for the efficiency and cohesion gained by this level of experience gained together.

We are proud to have a stable work environment in our own operations, which translates to a consistently high morale. This allows for smooth integration into our client’s operations and work culture, so we can do what we do best, which includes:

• highly targeted recruitment – placing the right people for a highly successful result

• absorbing some of client’s HR and other departmental management workloads – allowing them to focus on other duties within the company

• provide meaningful, custom reports which allow continuous refinement of work processes

When we do what we do best, it allows you to do what you do best: focus on your core business!