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Is Your Workplace Fair, Equitable, Enjoyable?

It is easy, and possibly dangerous, for a company owner to assume their managers are operating a fair and equitable workplace. The correct federal law posters are being displayed and everything else seems right…. But at the end of the day, an owner is responsible if a manager is (knowingly or unknowingly) in violation of a fairness law, and it could cost the company a lot of money as well as loss of focus on daily business functions.

Here are three good questions to ask:

  1. Are your managers on top of legal issues such as proper pay for work and correct overtime pay?

  2. There are 10 protected classes — characteristics or factors that cannot be targeted for discrimination and harassment. Six of these apply to ALL employees. Do you know which six apply to every employee?

  3. Suppose an employee files a complaint regarding workplace fairness, would you know who to consult or what to do next?