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At Key Resources Inc. we embrace the idea of differentiation.
We acknowledge that every company is different in product, process or culture. We recognize that every employee is different in his or her skills and personality. We know that we must do things differently in order to create success for our clients and ourselves.

Key Resources identifies the skills the client requires
Our “Turnkey resourcing – before, during and after” approach provides a comprehensive full-service and integrated match to a client’s employment needs.

Key Resources has a unique approach to interviewing
We believe that not only does the candidate have to possess the skills required for the job but it must be a good fit in order to achieve the win/win/win/ result the company/temp/Key Resources desires. We believe in emotional intelligence and behaviors that revolve around becoming an outstanding employee. Attached are a few EI/Behavior questions we include to insure your company goals of a new hire are surpassed.

Key Resources conducts thorough orientations for all new employees
Once a candidate has been selected for your company we conduct a new employee orientation at your location. This not only gives the employee a good start to their new job but provides essential information to be successful. This frees your staff from these duties to concentrate on your product.

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