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1. What is the turnover rate of your staffing service?
Key Resources Inc has a track record with large clients in the Triad that have experienced lower turnover once utilizing Key Resources. Example: Pick & Pack 12 week project 400 employees 5% turnover; Assembly/Production 1 year 50 employees 8% turnover.

2. How quickly can your current service cut a check for an employee that your supervisor did not include on
the time sheet?
Key Resources Inc handles all payroll issues in-house with state-of-the-art computer accounting software. The turnaround time to deliver a check to your company is within the hour.

3. What beneficial extra services does your current service provide?
Key Resources expands from the "normal" temporary agency services of on-site check in, check delivery - that to us is not "extra" service - that is automatically included in our course of doing business. Extra benefits include free labor law luncheons with attorneys to focus on current labor issues; free translating of your company manuals for all employees; negotiated liquidation per individual instead of industry standard of 400 hours.. many others. Become a client and experience the difference!

4. How long has staff members filling your orders for workers been with the staffing service?
This is a very competitive industry and a high-level stress position. We are unique in that our operations staff has over 30 years combined experience. Operations experience is the key to the success of your placements.

5. What do you do if you need to contact your staffing service after normal business hours?
Our course, every service states the standard "pager" routine. Key Resources Inc goes the next added value step - we give you, your supervisors not only the pager number, but also our operations staff cell and home numbers. Many current clients have complimented us in our response time, not only to simply take the call but also actually assist in problem solving.

6. Can a client design the way payroll is reported to the temp service?
Many companies dislike the extra time that their temporary service requires of transposing payroll information to the temporary service time sheets. Key Resources Inc can design any payroll reporting system that is convenient to your company. Our controller normally contacts your accounting department (or designated area) to devise a method best suited to your company. Innovative ways are time clock check-in with Key Resources retrieving info, Excel spreadsheet emailed to contact for review/approval; electronic time sheets with online reporting. These are only two examples of creative ways that we pay our employees without the temp service, payroll/invoice mistakes.

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