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Pam Whitaker

More than just a President, Whitaker brings enthusiasm and synergy to the company, and is quickly building a powerhouse staffing service in the region, recognized by business leaders striving to unlock their own companies' highest potential.

The unique way we approach staffing solutions is different. Our people-orientation blends strategy with intuition, focus with flexibility, and commitment with creativity. It is a partnership orientation based on trust and confidence that creates long-term success for our clients. It is a visionary approach that helps you gain the competitive edge you desire. The staff you view today is the core staff that will be on site to assist your organization in running as efficiently and effectively
as possible.

Micki Sapp
Chief Financial Officer

Micki Sapp's expertise is focused on high volume payroll on a weekly basis. Sapp, who has been with Key Resources since its inception, oversees all client company billing for payroll, financial reports and audits. Sapp routinely confers with client companies to analyze trends, projections of growth and forecasting.

David Garrison

David Garrison began his career after college with Key Resources with many accomplishments over the last six years. Garrison implements policies, establishes procedures and supervises the staff. His other responsibilities include recruiting, orient, coaching and training of employees. Garrison is an expert with workers compensation and safety – which is invaluable to companies bottom line.

Angela Jones
Chief Operations Officer

Angela Jones has more than 20 years of human resources experience, and has worked with Key Resources Inc since its beginning. Jones oversees the Operations of evaluation, placement, and customer service to our clients. We approach every applicant as an individual that possesses specific talents, skills and personality traits. We then create synergies by matching our individuals to your individual needs. Our goal in providing synergistic staffing solutions is to strengthen your organization with our expertise of over 50 years of combined experience in the industry.

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